Unique Features:

  • Video Tutorial (Click here)
  • Analysis for +27 types of data
  • Wide Screen - Full HD 
  • Preview images are included
  • Free Font & Icons
  • Easy Customize
  • All objects and database are Fully Editable


Dashboard Contents & Analysis:

  • Total Budget Allocated
  • Total Agreed Hours with employees
  • Total Actual Hours employees spent
  • Percentage Actual Hours employees spent
  • Total OPEX Invoice Hrs. Paid
  • Percentage Total OPEX Invoice Hrs. Paid
  • Analysis for Extra and Missing working Hours by employees
  • Total Extra paid
  • Total Extra hours
  • Total Missing paid
  • Total Missing hours
  • Analysis for overall employee details
  • Total Employees
  • total Employees by gender with percentage
  • Employees by Positions (Cameraman, Assistant, and Coordinator)
  • Employees by Nationality
  • Doughnut chart for Paid vs Unpaid Salaries.
  • percentage vs Unpaid percentage
  • Expenses per Month highlights for highest amount
  • Line Chart for Actual Working Hours vs Invoice
  • Slicers for Employees names
  • Slicers for Employees Names.


Package Includes

  • Excel – XLSX format (327KB)
  • Three sheet tabs (Database, Pivot tables, and Dashboard)
  • Instruction File
  • Help & Contents File
  • Light Theme


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