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Great Microsoft Excel template for manage and analysis projects business, ready to use.
All values, Names, Number, Charts, elements, and everything on this template are editable, no need of another software, editing just on Excel and no need to use VBA codes.

Unique Features:

  • 4 Videos Tutorial (Click here)
  • Analysis for +53 types of data
  • Notes and comments help you to use and update
  • Hyperlink buttons
  • Wide Screen – Full HD 
  • Preview images included
  • Free Font & Icons
  • Easy Customize
  • All objects and database are Fully Editable

 Dashboard Contents & Analysis:

  • All below Analysis connected with 3 Slicers
  • Yearly Slicer
  • Departments Slicer
  • Project Status

Totals of

  • Total Project's 
  • Projects Value
  • As Built Cost
  • Submitted Value
  • Budget Saving
  • Total PAT / GAP
  • Current Projects
  • Closed Projects
  • Canceled Projects
  • Projects by Relating to

Sunburst Chart analysis Projects status by departments
Budget / Issued by Departments

Line chart Showing the GAP between Target and the actual amounts by months 

  • Current target and current Actual
  • Dynamic texts changing depend on slicer selections 
  • GAP amount and the present age

Four Gaps Analysis

  • GAP 1 between Budget vs Scoop of work
  • GAP 2 between Scoop of work vs Work Orders
  • GAP 3 between MOP vs As Built
  • GAP 4 between Invoiced vs As Built

Table showing total Gaps per department 

  • Controlled by Business types slicer
  • Project Values by Business Type
  • Projects by Business Types
  • Four doughnut charts and numbers for Gaps

Projects Milestone status
Creative Line chart showing total projects by milestone stage name,
connected with scrolled bar to highlight selected stage name,
and showing milestone update/ details dynamically,
Connected with the Business type's slicer.

Second dashboard (Status Report):
Showing the most important values in details view using creative Pivot tables,
connected with three slicers:

  • Yearly Slicer
  • Departments Slicer
  • Project Status

Third Sheet tab:
Blank page ready to use with the same dashboard overall theme appearance  connected with hyperlink button, you can add any type of analysis

Five sheet tabs:

  • Database tables (Two Tables)
  • Pivot tables and formulas
  • Main Dashboard
  • Status Report
  • Blank sheet ready to use

Package Includes

  • Excel – XLSX format (341 KB)
  • Instruction File
  • Help & Contents File
  • Light Theme


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