Great Microsoft Excel template for manage and analysis financial business, ready to use.
All values, Names, Number, Charts, elements, and everything on this template are editable, no need of another software, editing just on Excel and no need to use VBA codes.

Unique Features:

  • Video Tutorial (Click here)
  • Analysis for +47 types of data
  • Notes and comments help you to use and update
  • Hyperlink buttons
  • Wide Screen – Full HD
  • Preview images included
  • Free Font & Icons
  • Easy Customize
  • All objects and database are Fully Editable


Dashboard Contents & Analysis:

The first dashboard Analysis for income sources:

  • dynamic web chart analyzes in detail all sources of income and the percentage of each source and highlights the source with the highest value.
  • a Creative Doughnut chart showing the achieved percentage from the target.
  • dashboard title and description
  • Total Income amount and the target
  • a line chart Income by months
  • Total counts and percentage of Income Sources items.
  • Average of monthly income 
  • a Bar chart showing the Monthly operating profits and the total amount
  • analyzing for two types of Marketing strategies. 
  • All these values are controlled and changed based on the year selection of the slicer.

Second dashboard analyzes the total profits by countries:

  • Creative design for a dynamic map chart.
  • analyze the profit value from each country, With highlights for the most profitable country.
  • Details of various types of taxes
  • The percentage of profits achieved using a doughnut chart with circular edges.
  • Fully controlled by yearly slicer

Third dashboard is for sale process status:

  • Diagram that explains the stages that all sales processes go through, so you can see how many customers go through each stage, and highlights the most frequently used stages.
  • Doughnut chart showing total sales, the percentage of sales achieved from the target.
  • Sales by points of sales.
  • Chart for the total refunded orders percentage.
  • Bar chart for orders by points of sales.

The fourth dashboard for a project's workflow report,with the several main KPIs in a beautiful design updatable directly from data-table.


Package Includes

  • Excel – XLSX format (1.2 MB)
  • Instruction File
  • Help & Contents File
  • Dark Theme
  • Four Database tables (One Sheet)
  • Pivot tables and formulas (One Sheet)
  • Four Dashboards (Four Sheets)



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